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There are several things to consider when you are considering the transfer of rural assets. Rural transactions can include the transfer of shares, water, land and any other aspects of a rural business. 

As a seller or vendor of rural land, you have obligations to disclose documents relevant to the conveyancing regulations, as well as any notices that are served on you under legislation relevant to stock, water or soil on your property.  


As a buyer or purchaser of rural land, it is important to consider fully what you are purchasing with the land before you enter into a binding contract with the seller. Examples of things that might be relevant to your purchase of rural land include: 

  • whether you are purchasing land with livestock or without; 

  • whether the transaction includes the transfer of water access licences (WAL); 

  • what rights of way or easements are in place over the property;

  • what Council approvals are in place over the property;

  • what future development you intend to undertake on the property;

  • whether you have obtained relevant taxation advice about the rural transfer; and

  • other matters relating to stock, pests, vegetation on the land.

If you would like assistance with buying or selling rural land, or any other aspect of rural transactions, please contact us. 

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