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with our extensive defamation experience





Managing Director




Defamation is a highly technical area of law and it is essential to seek tailored and practical advice when bringing or defending a defamation claim. Colquhoun Murphy has the knowledge and experience to provide you with this advice and represent you in negotiating or litigating in the context of a dispute. 

Our firm has a strong history of defamation practice, having acted in a number of high profile matters involving politicians and the media acting for plaintiffs and defendants. We are also mindful of the developing nature of this field and the increasing number of claims in relation to publications on social media and the internet. 

Notable cases Colquhoun Murphy has been involved in include: 

  • The Hon. Peter Howard Costello and Tanya Pamela Costello v Random House Australia Pty Limited and the Hon. Anthony John Abbott and Margaret Veronica Abbott v Random House Australia Pty Limited [1999] ACTSC 13; 

  • Richard George Carleton v Australian Broadcasting Corporation [2003] ACTSC 28; and

  • Crosby v Kelly [2012] FCAFC 96. 


The legislation in this field imposes very strict deadlines and it is important to seek prompt legal advice to ensure you are in the best possible position.


If you are concerned that material has been published which could cause harm to your reputation, or you have been contacted regarding material that you have published which could cause harm to someone else’s reputation, please contact us. 

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