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Andy Colquhoun

ACT Conveyancer


Andy Colquhoun’s reputation as one of the best conveyancers in Canberra is very well deserved. Andy is down-to-earth, friendly, and enjoys great relationships with all of his clients. He is appreciated for his honest approach to conveyancing in the Australian Capital Territory, his thorough technical understanding and high attention to detail.

Having been a member of the Colquhoun Murphy team since 1991, Andy has developed an extensive conveyancing practice, with numerous repeat clients and regular referrals from those who appreciate his stellar work. 

Andy’s long history in the conveyancing industry has allowed him to build an extensive network of contacts with other conveyancing experts, local real estate agents and lending officers. Andy leverages his network of contacts wherever possible to conduct all transactions in a spirit of mutual cooperation and respect with the person acting for the other party. This, in turn, leads to a high likelihood of smooth and stress-free property conveyances.

Andy also works with other members of the Colquhoun Murphy team to ensure that his client’s legal and conveyancing needs are met. 

Andy is assisted by Leanne Smart.

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