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Ian McLennan


Ian McLennan joined the team at Colquhoun Murphy in 2019, bringing with him a wealth of experience in conveyancing within the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales from his 20 years of practice in the field. Prior to his work as a conveyancer, Ian worked in the banking industry, where he developed a thorough knowledge of the finance sector. Ian’s combination of conveyancing and finance experience is exactly what clients need when they are looking to buy or sell property.

Ian ensures that his clients are kept informed throughout the conveyancing process and works collaboratively with other practitioners as needed. His focus is to help clients achieve an efficient conveyance with minimal delays and unnecessary stress. His friendly and jovial personality helps clients feel comfortable and cared for throughout a very important, exciting, but sometimes stressful time of life.

Ian works with other members of the team at Colquhoun Murphy to ensure that all of his clients' legal and conveyancing needs are met. 

Ian is assisted by Perrin Lionis.

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