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The Suburban Land Agency is the statutory body in the Australian Capital Territory responsible for delivering the government's suburban development program. It is primarily responsible for all government 'new release' land sales in the Australian Capital Territory and may be a vehicle through which the government will enter into joint venture or other commercial arrangements to deliver land development projects. 

At Colquhoun Murphy, we have experience in providing advice and acting for individuals purchasing directly from or associated with the Suburban Land Agency, including: 

  • "over the counter" purhcases via auction or a ballot system; 

  • house and land purchases from the partner builders of the Suburban Land Agency; and

  • home building contract advice. 

We can also advise and act for developments in relation to the following arrangements with the Suburban Land Agency: 

  • put and call option deeds; 

  • joint venture agreements; and

  • other development agreements. 

If you would like assistance with purchases from or associated with the Suburban Land Agency, please contact us. 

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