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A commercial or retail lease is a legal arrangement that provides a tenant with a right to occupy business premises owned by a landlord. 

Leases often contain several conditions of the arrangement, including the payment of rent and outgoings, the area to be leased, the term of the lease, procedures in the event that there is a breach of the lease or termination becomes necessary, and fit-out and end of lease make-good obligations. It is important that the conditions of a commercial or retail lease are specifically tailored to meet the needs of you and your business. 

As a tenant, it is important to ensure that a lease properly reflects the discussions between you and a prospective landlord. It is important that you understand the key provisions in a lease before you sign it. It is especially important that you take the opportunity before you sign a lease to identify any provisions that may impact your business in the future. 

There are a host of other considerations to take into account when entering into a commercial or retail lease such as insurance, your ability to assign your obligations in future, options for renewal, subletting provisions and dispute resolution processes. 

Colquhoun Murphy has decades of experience in preparing and advising on commercial and retail leases, including: 

  • assisting with due diligence while considering a lease proposal;

  • the preparation and review of leases and disclosure statements;

  • advising you in relation to the terms of your lease, including your obligations and the extent of your liability; 

  • negotiating leases to ensure that you and your business are in the best possible position; and

  • acting and appearing for tenants in disputes arising under the relevant leasing legislation in the Australian Capital Territory and in New South Wales. 

If you need advice in relation to a commercial or retail lease as a tenant, please contact us. 

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