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Managing Director

Colquhoun Murphy has extensive experience regarding all aspects of property development work for developers of residential and commercial property. We appreciate the numerous laws and regulations surrounding property development and can assist developers with a variety of legal issues that may arise in property development, including: 

  • development applications;

  • local council zoning regulations and planning instruments;

  • purchasing a selling development property;

  • conducting due diligence;

  • advising on the structuring of purchase entities;

  • joint venture and shareholding arrangements;

  • negotiating finance agreements;

  • subdivision of land;

  • leases;

  • disputes involving land and environment issues; and

  • easements, covenants and access to utiilities in relation to property. 

It is important that property developers seek legal advice prior to commencing a development, so that they understand and comply with the laws that govern this industry and their obligations as a property developer. 

If you need advice in relation to property development, please contact us.

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