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Launch of the Doctor Rose McGready Foundation

On 11 May 2023, fittingly at the almamater of its name sake, the Dr Rose McGready Foundation was launched. Colquhoun Murphy's managing partner Karen Fogarty and associate Daniella Fiocco were honoured to attend the launch event, and are pleased to introduce the foundation and its purpose to their colleagues, clients, and friends.

Dr Rose McGready, who grew up in Canberra and studied medicine at the University of Sydney, has dedicated the last 30 years to medical research and humanitarian work on the Thai-Myanmar border, with a particular focus on providing healthcare to mothers and their babies during pregnancy and through the critical period after birth. A pioneer in the fight against malaria and for improved health care for underprivileged women and children, Dr McGready's passion for education and love for the Karen people of the region has seen many local people trained to provide lifesaving medical and healthcare services, securing a sustainable future for the important work.

Dr McGready's research has been adopted by the World Health Organisation and is now the recommended treatment protocol for pregnant women infected with malaria around the world.

Vulnerable and displaced communities on the Thai-Myanmar border have faced hardships brought about by ongoing political stability and unrest for many decades, including a recent resurgence of drug-resistant malaria threatening the lives of mothers and their babies.

The important work that Dr Rose McGready and her team on the ground do on a daily basis desperately needs more funding - and so are turning to affluent and privileged Australians to humbly ask for financial support.

You can hear more about this lifesaving work in this ABC News article and about Dr Rose McGready's research in this University of Sydney article.

You can financially support the Dr Rose McGready Foundation by making a tax deductible donation at

Colquhoun Murphy is pleased to have been able to play a small part in the establishment of the Dr Rose McGready Foundation through the provision of corporate law advice and assistance on a pro bono basis. Karen Fogarty continues to serve on the board of the Foundation in support and admiration of her longtime friend, Dr Rose McGready.


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