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David Crowley

Senior Associate


David Crowley joined the team of solicitors at Colquhoun Murphy in 2020 and immediately proved himself to be a hard-working, down-to-earth and friendly solicitor, determined to use his energy and extensive legal knowledge for the benefit of his clients. Moving from country New South Wales, David graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Economics in 2015.

With his background in country and coastal legal practice, David understands the importance of listening to clients and using his skills, knowledge and experience to help them achieve their goals. This client-centred approach informs how David conducts his legal practice. He takes the time to fully appreciate a client’s goals and desires, which informs his problem-solving, strategic planning, drafting, advocacy and negotiations.


David comes to interactions with clients with an honest and compassionate attitude that instantly makes those he deals with feel comfortable and confident in his abilities to be their advocate. David also works hard to strike a good balance between strongly defending and advancing his clients’ positions, whilst being respectful and fair to all parties involved.

David is a team player who recognises the benefit of strategising with his colleagues and sharing legal knowledge and experiences so that clients are in the best possible position to succeed.

David is currently the director of the Ice Hockey ACT Player Disciplinary Tribunal. 

David is assisted by Leonie Newton. 

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