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Wills and Estates

No matter who you are, making a will is one of the most important legal formalities you should attend to. We can provide you with the necessary advice to ensure that your will clearly sets out your wishes, and, so far is as possible, protects your estate for those you most want to look after when you are gone.

We also have experience in disputes over wills and have represented parties making claims upon wills or against estates, and defending claims made upon a deceased estate by relatives, spouses or others.

Whilst a Will deals with your affairs after you have passed away, it is also important that you consider granting a properly considered and executed power of attorney. It is a good idea to attend to your power of attorney at the same time as you make your will. A power of attorney can ensure reliability and certainty for you when you are otherwise incapable of looking after your financial and personal decision making, whether that is because you are travelling, unwell or otherwise not is a position to do so. We assist business clients who require a local ‘attorney’ to act on their behalf when they are not able to, and also service individuals who want to ensure that if something were to happen to them a trusted relative will make decisions according to their wishes.

We are also able to help clients with matters relating to superannuation and provide referrals to leading superannuation service providers where necessary.