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Andy Colquhoun has been a member of the Colquhoun Murphy team since 1991. Both prior to joining the firm and especially during his time with Colquhoun Murphy, Andy has developed an outstanding reputation in the field of ACT residential conveyancing. Andy has numerous repeat clients and has developed his extensive practice primarily through word-of-mouth.

Andy enjoys a well-deserved reputation for a thorough technical understanding of all aspects of the conveyancing process, providing accurate time and cost estimates for an ACT residential conveyance (once all relevant facts are known to him), conducting his practice with transparency, responsiveness, fairness and in an accessible manner.

Having worked in this industry for an extended period, Andy has an extensive network of contacts with other conveyancing experts as well as many local realtors and lending officers. Andy leverages his network of contacts wherever possible to conduct all transactions in a spirit of mutual cooperation and respect with the person who is acting for the other party to the sale or purchase agreement.

The extent of the reputation that Andy has built for the firm’s practice in the area of ACT residential conveyancing has recently enabled the firm to expand its conveyancing practice to include highly experienced and successful conveyancers who bring with them their own outstanding reputation in this area of law.